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Bachelor of Science - Now travelling through Canada for one year

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September 22nd, 1994

Happy 20th Anniversary, FRIENDS!

Hey Guys,

Some of you may know that I am currently travelling through and working in Canada. That means I dont have much time left for tumblr. But my gorgeous friend Alex (castlefanfics) will blog-sit for me and refill my queue until I’m back again. You should all go follow her, cause her blog is freaking amazing!
It’s gonna be tagged as: Alex takes over

Of course I will try to go online as well and keep in touch ;)


"She’s a tough nut to crack, but once you navigate past that Mossad influenced exterior and her inability to grasp cultural references, she’s great." - Anthony DiNozzo Jr.

Amazing day at #grousemountain #canada #vancouver ||||| go to @simplykrissyy for more pics of my canada adventure